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Keysight Technologies’ Eggplant Software helps businesses test, monitor and analyze their end-to-end customer experience and continuously improve their business outcomes. As companies transition from measuring the quality in IT to the quality of business outcomes, they depend upon the quality transformation services. Keysight and Qualitest offer continuous testing and quality assurance to clients and their customers.

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Keysight delivers AI powered intelligent automation, streamlines customer experience and optimizes business outcomes. At Keysight, we enable organizations to dramatically increase their efficiency, improve their ROI and customer satisfaction, and to have a clear view of maturity and performance of their test organization or program.

DevOps at Scale.

Modernizing your digital offering with a strategy in which development and test automation engineers collaborate with the operations team to create software that delights customers.

Optimize UX.

User-centric testing approach ensuring that UI errors, bugs and performance issues are identified and addressed long before they go into production.


Artificial, Automation, Augmented. Leveraging AI and machine learning to uncover the riskiest areas of your technology, and components and functionalities most important to your users.

Automate Anything.

Testing any technology on any device, operating system or browser. The industry’s only comprehensive testing tool, not requiring access to code or any installation on the system-under-test (SUT).

Products by Eggplant include

Digital Automation Intelligence
Monitoring Insights
Performance and Load Testing
Robotic Process Automation

AutoTrader Uses Eggplant DAI to Deliver an Unrivaled Customer Experience.


AutoTrader identified several opportunities within its rapidly increasing digital environment, realizing the risk of significant web delays from a lack of visibility due to insufficient website monitoring. AutoTrader also needed a solution to simulate a wide variety of customer user journeys, ranging on web users visiting its home page. Moreover, it needed an independent source to report on uptime for internal reporting.


Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) and Monitoring Insights (MI) provided AutoTrader both scripted website testing and website monitoring, allowing it to meet critical business objectives. They enabled the company to test customer journeys across its website, and monitor website delays, giving it valuable user insight used to improve both the customer experience and overall website performance.


AutoTrader now runs 19.5 million tests a year and has 194 monitors in place. These monitor page tests, page wait times, APIs, and email throughput, alongside simulating user journeys. With Keysight, AutoTrader has assurance of performance of its website. It can investigate the cause of issues and solve them faster, which has paved the way for better site performance, and increased digital customer satisfaction.

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