Utilities’ storm system readiness cannot take a rain check.

We understand how important IT system resiliency is for electric utilities. Our storm readiness testing identifies latent problems before they occur, mitigating adverse impacts to your mission-critical storm systems.


Let’s make sure your IT systems can perform when the big storm comes.

Performance and stability issues within IT storm systems can have pronounced and adverse impacts including prolonged service interruption, missing or delayed customer communications, reputational damage, and fines. We’re here to help you avoid all of these issues with our leading edge load testing and analytic solutions.

  • Enable your business with IT that works with the worst mother nature can throw at it.

  • Keep lines of communication open Ensure your e-channels are ready to provide accurate and timely information at all times.

  • Increase your reliability and help your customers avoid costly damage and lost revenue.

  • Protect your reputation with unparalleled system readiness for whatever comes your way.

Gain insight into your storm system readiness.

We use an objective and repeatable testing approach that identifies issues both within and between IT systems, helping you pinpoint and rectify costly performance issues.

Remove Subjectivity from the Equation

Identify objective success criteria using a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). Apply these criteria throughout the storm ecosystem to deliver an accurate readiness picture.

Increase Visibility

Gain a better view into the precise location and nature of performance limitations. Elevate awareness to management using refined analytics and dashboarding.

Predict Where Storms will Impact Your Systems

Leverage our expert and AI-driven data analytics to forecast performance and stability impacts in advance of approaching storms.

Gain Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing your IT systems are tested and proven ready to support your storm operations.


We take your IT system performance seriously.

Performance and stability issues can strike anywhere within your IT storm ecosystem. Our proven testing process provides the necessary rigor to identify the right load profiles, then deliver the optimum tools to simulate a mock storm and assess its impacts on and across your systems.

Thorough Cross-System Test Planning

We provide a repeatable process to engage all stakeholders in the definition of key use cases, cross-system transactions, and key performance indicators. We consolidate this information into a single, multi-system, end-to-end performance test plan complete with a resource loaded, task-level plan for preparation, testing, results gathering, and analysis.

Cost Effective Test Automation

Our team of seasoned test automation engineers quickly mobilize to implement data driven load and monitoring tools that optimize capability while keeping cost low. We pride ourselves in providing repeatable automation that is resilient to change in the underlying systems.

Premier Test Coordination

End-to-end tests like these often involves extensive collaboration across multiple teams. We employ senior test leaders who are familiar with storm systems and can navigate the nuances of your organization to bring everyone together toward a common goal.

Continual Improvement

Our approach leverages a continual improvement cycle that elevates the team’s focus above the last test and looks to identify actionable trends across runs. What’s more, our team leverages data gathered from production system instrumentation during recent storms to validate existing test profiles and identify new and important ones.


Our team applies expert and AI-driven data analytics to predict watch areas in advance of approaching storms to ensure your systems are ready.

A success story

Qualitest Helps Establish Industry Leading ‘Storm Readiness’ Test


The Client had insufficient end-to-end performance testing of mission critical storm applications and needed to connect the test systems of 26 applications as well as run an end-to-end performance test across them simultaneously.


We “bullet-proofed” the system with a test harness that aggregated test results in real-time, using customized reporting tools and techniques.


Qualitest mobilized quickly and created the first ever end-to-end performance test of its kind in the industry. The culminating impact of these benefits was a marked improvement in the Client’s IT system resiliency.

The [Qualitest] team has consistently helped establish and maintain a rigorous testing and software verification process. You personally have brought excellent analytical and planning skills to this effort and have a strong drive for execution. To your credit, you take a deep sense of ownership and accountability for your work. You have the ability to work with the overall goals in mind and drive for results that support these objectives.

Jim, Manager, Midwest Utility


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